3 Simple Golf Tips For Instant Distance

If I only had a couple of minutes with you on the range and you asked how me I hit the ball long distances with relative ease, the tips in this golf lesson video is what I’d start with.

These effortless distance tweaks have proven to work on all levels and ages of golfer… From tour players, long drive champions, weekend warriors, beginners and senior golfers alike, enabling them all to have effortless power without complication or sacrificing accuracy…

Now it’s your turn…

We pride ourselves in our mission to make golf more simple and these tips fit that remit perfectly. So follow the 3 Simple golf swing tips to increase power and distances and even improve accuracy.

The 3 golf tips for increasing distance are;

  1. Grip Pressure.
  2. Activate your core.
  3. Accelerate through the ball

So watch the video above and apply the cues and drills to make a difference in your golf swing power

Your Grip. Grip pressure is such an important yet simple golf tip for more distance

The second simple distance tip is to do with your address positioning to utilize the core and stabilize your self. You will see the best players in the world do this. From our very own World long drive champion Jeff Gavin to Bernhard Langer and especially Jason Day show this very effectively.

So at address, suck in your belly button just a little bit. This will engage your core and give you a more stable base and help increase swing speed from a consistent take away and stability through the ball at impact.

The third simple golf tip for more distance is a swing speed test that you can perform at home to avoid the distance killing casting action. You can teach your self better golf with good drills like this.

So take your club and hold the head end. Make some golf swings and listen to the whoosh.

You are a golfer so I know you have the need for speed.

However the way you likely try and go about increasing your swing speed only leads to inconsistency and often even slower club acceleration due to the tendency to “hit” at the golf ball and to try and force the power.

This hitting AT the ball will only lead to frustration and frequently to more “hitting” at the golf ball and cause your swing to lose a natural sequence that is efficient and simple to repeat.

If you were to skim a stone across a pond for example, your natural mechanics and speed acceleration would be perfect, however when most of you get the driver in your hands, your sequence disappears which leads to a disastrous common fault.


Too many players, due to a bad swing sequence, cast the club (even just a little bit). This causes your swing to be at it’s fastest well before impact, robbing you of speed where you need it most and leads to poor strikes and consistent contact too.


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The “speed zone” as we refer to it as, occurs 1 ft before impact and 1 ft after. Ideally we want to see acceleration and release so that the maximum speed is just after impact. This is what gives maximum ball speed and consistency.

However this occurs too infrequently for you.

But there is (as you should be expecting from by now) a simple fix…

Unleash Your Speed With This Drill and Test.

Once you give that a try a few times the rest of this week, you will be primed to move to phase 2 of unleashing your swing speed potential without sacrificing accuracy or consistency.

This is Golf. Simplified

Your friend and coach


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