Golf Distance With This Simple Golf Tip and Address Tweak.

A free flowing motion that is just like anything else you would do in life such as throwing a ball, skimming a stone or just slashing a sword it would be strain free… golf should feel the same!

But unfortunately golf instruction lets you down. It makes you think too much about the mechanical and the technical positions that really, you’re not ideally designed for. Trying to mimic the tour pros is the common thread in golf instruction, but the industry makes money off this concept even though for the most part, it’s not that applicable to you.

Why do you try and swing like Tiger Woods or Dustin Johnson when you don’t have a physio van to put you right for an hour day and you might not have two hours of training time available every single day…. your body can only perform from what you put into it and life for the majority of you gets in the way of even comparing to these top players.

Whatever your level, whatever your age, if you want a long enjoyable golfing life then please heed this advice.

You see the PGA Tour players that you watch weekly on the TV, their golf swings are on the redline that’s the best way I can describe it that they are maxing out on many of their swings and they can be allowed to expect the most from the body.

Yes you should be following a good golf fitness training program but it doesn’t need to take up all your time! But the other side of it is your swing shouldn’t look like you couldn’t swing more than 10 golf swings without being in pain or agony.

So the golf lesson for today is to really feel effortless and much less strain in your golf swing


The focus of too many golfers is to simply try and hit the ball further but by doing so the incorrect way (too much force and effort) you actually reduce your clubhead speed for one thing, but more than likely your consistency of ball striking will drop dramatically robbing you of yards more of the time.

When you have better contact and hit the golf ball pure, you will be hitting it further. So how can you improve your contact consistency?

Well allowing a more free flowing golf swing and effortless natural movement will give you the very best of results.

So what type of golf swing will be efficient and effective at the same time?

The less resistance you feel in the swing the better as a golden rule if you want to feel less aches and pains after your game and really enjoy the crazy game that is golf.

Allowing the body to rotate and move naturally is so important, but not just for the beginners or senior players. Even if you are a scratch players can benefit for a free flowing easier golf swing.

Please apply this simple tip for more golf distance

This is Golf Simplified.

Your friend and coach

Alex Fortey