Simple Golf Swing: Ernie Els Swing Box Tip To Increase Lag And Consistency

Ernie Els is renowned for a smooth and yet powerful golf swing and it’s one that I have tried to model since I began playing as a 17 year old. And for good reason.

Today you see a simple golf tip to create width and lag in your golf swing that helps consistency and increases swing speed without extra force or effort.

You can have a golf swing that is strain free and also powerful.

This simple golf swing tip that Ernie Els thinks about regularly is about creating a box shape in the backswing.This creates the correct backswing that you can rely on to feel consistent and to increase swing speed with effortless golf swing.

Ernie Els Simple golf swing

So give this simple golf tip a try and I’m sure you will see a big improvement in your ball striking no matter your age, handicap or practice time availability.

Golf instruction as you know it is killing your golf game. It’s time for simple golf principles and no more b.s so you can play better golf.

Improve your golf game, swing and performance with our expert coaches, golf tips and golf lessons to help you play your ideal golf game without needing lots of hours to practice or train.

This is Golf. Simplified.

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Alex Fortey

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