I have been blessed with an aptitude for golf, the natural mechanics, hand eye co-ordination and strength to own a powerful consistent swing pretty much from the start… Of course I have worked hard on my swing, my physique and my golf game over the years, always trying to improve and better myself. Now I am known for having a powerful, solid looking great golf swing.

However when I first started the game it was confusing… There were a few top tour playing professionals out there that I mimicked it some way, these included the likes of Ernie Els, Nick Faldo and Nick Price, later when the dynamic power and simplicity of Tiger Woods’s golf swing burst onto the scene I took aspects from his philosophy also. They all taught me certain lessons, and elements I utilized into my game. This is a dangerous game to play mind you, they all are great players, but which has the most “perfect” golf swing?

The Perfect Golf swing… What is it, does it exist and how do you practice for it?

I get this question put to me very frequently, and my answer is the same;

We all posses our own personal perfect golf swing.

Learn a Simple golf swing tips for more golf swing speed Alex Fortey

Tiger Woods for a promotional clinic was talking about the very same thing, if you think about it for a moment, picture a few of the PGA tour players right now. They all go about thier business in very different ways. No different to the players I followed when starting out, they all had their own “perfect” golf swing, with different tempo, ball flight, distance ability, strength with longer or shorter irons, and the part I am most interested in; Golf Fitness and how they apply training techniques to enhance their swing mobility and power to suit their own game.

So next time you are stressing abut obtaining perfection, attempt to stop yourself and remember that every swing has nuances, every body has it’s own tendencies. Still follow sound swing principles, and understand Bio-mechanics, neuromuscular adaptations applicable for the golf swing, just do not beat your self up about fitting into a mould.

This video should help ingrain that message too.


Golf Swing Made Simple: Stop Trying To Find Perfect Backswing Positions!

If you look at a range line up at a decent level amateur event or a minor golf tour event, you will notice most of the swings look very similar, because they have spent too much time with text book coaches instead of listening to internal cues to developing a personal swing, and utilizing personal physical strengths and tendencies to an advantage.

Now take a look on the PGA tour, the top 50 or so, nearly all have very different swings, rhythms, and tempo.

pga tour pros perfect golf swing

Follow principles on the course, on the range and when in training, at the same time as allowing your own personality to come through will ensure a greater chance of developing an your ideal golf game, YOUR perfect golf swing a great game that you trust and does not feel foreign to you.

I learned from my peers, but added my stamp on my swing and style of play. Not from a text book.

Let me know if you have ever fallen into the trap of getting a “perfect golf swing” I know i did once…

This is Golf. Simplified

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey