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Bombtech Grenade 3 Wood reviewed by Alex Fortey.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on on of these clubs and i wanted to put it to the test. The video you see above was the very first time I tried the club and the review is honest and fair. It’s the best value golf club on the market and quality is not compromised at all..

BombTech golf is dedicated to offering the best golf equipment on the market at direct to consumer pricing. They don’t spend YOUR money on pro’s sponsorship or having products in retail.

For this reason, they only sell Bombtech Golf products direct from the website and back them with a 60 day guarantee.

I give the 3 wood a full thumbs up and coming soon in my review of their wedges! Click below to learn more at save!

Bombtech Golf’s Grenade 3 Wood Store

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Here are some of it’s good points to not about Bomtech’s Grenade 3 Wood;

  • Value – Right now the Bombtech 3 Wood is on sale and at just $147 its $100’s less than it’s more famous rivals.
  • Feel – It feels firm but springy of the face.
  • Quality – The build is great. Looks and feels very tidy and clean.
  • Powerful ball flight – Too many 3 woods tend to balloon into the air but it penetrated with a good flight.
  • Forgiving – Even when trying to hit out of toe or heel, with bad swing paths, the flight corrected itself really well to minimize damage.

This golf club is as good as anything else you will hit and at a great price too!

Top quality and super value and suitable for most golfers of all levels form a pro to a beginner golfer it will yield some great results and more money left over for balls and rounds!

The Benefits of the Dual Cavity Design

Weight behind the sweet spot
Cavities increase forgiveness on off center hits.
less drag for higher club head speed

This new model has a brushed satin finish. This finish will look brand new for a longer period of time as it is much more resistant to wear and also provides a nice contrast against the matte black crown at address. There is also a new shaft with improved launch characteristics and lower weight resulting in better performance.

The Grenade 3 wood is manufactured using a hardened stainless steel face plate plasma welded to the body. The face material is vacuum heat treated to allow for a thinner yet durable face that creates higher ball speeds and better feel. Results are extremely high smash factors on pure strikes as well as miss-hits. Designed for all golfers to enjoy, from off the deck to the tee box. More weight was distributed to the sole of the club to make hitting out of the rough and poor lies easier, as well.

Bombtech sell direct to you! There is no middle man and no retail mark-up. This allows us to spend more on better materials and manufacturing processes while still being competitive on price.

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