3 simple golf tips for senior golfers (and everyone really)

Avoid the easily made mistakes and what needs to be done in the way of mindset and the way golf is tackled.

Too many golfers needlessly force their body into a model they are told they have to be in to produce good golf… It’s false. All it will do is ruin your golf swing and your game.. especially if you are little more experienced in life as it were.

#1 senior golf mistake – Trying to be like the tour pros.
#2 Forcing and muscling the body to hit distances and make swings
#3 Trying to life the ball up

Now, these are of course not the only mistakes players make, but they are 3 very important ones to avoid if you want to play better and good golf for years to come.

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In your 30’s or 40’s this will still really help you too!

Senior golf swing