Simple golf tips to help you play better tomorrow

Our aim here is to make life on the golf course a lot easier for yourself to help you hit the ball further, do it more effortlessly and improve your ball striking consistency… But we also want to make sure you have some simple golf tips for your short game that will get you scores down, perhaps more than working on anything else in your golf improvement endeavors.

There are 3 simple golf tips and really principles the best players in the world follow every week that you need to follow as well if you want to play better, simple, enjoyable, consistent golf that kicks your friends butts and wins you competitions.

Short Game Principle #1 – Get Every Chip Shot Within a Flag LengthChipping has to feel comfortable and consistent.

With chipping, the amount of variables and options you can have facing you in just one round of golf is endless so the ability to adapt, make the right choice and know you can execute well is crucial to shooting better.

Knowing you have a simple technique that you trust to get consistent strikes is important and so is the ability to control distances and accuracy will get you within that flag length.

Why a flag’s length? It’s a reasonable, low pressure goal to attain for yourself that will put you in a position to hole most of the putts within to save pars and get birdies. If you are thinking about putting it stiff or just making half decent contact, your results will not be anything like what you are after.

A simple developmental system is necessary to get a trustworthy technique for predictable striking and the skills to land the ball where you want.


Short Game Principle #2 – Give Yourself A Chance


It’s sounds a little obvious but the primary objective with your wedge play from 100 yards and in is to ensure you give yourself a chance to hole the next putt. This is what will give you ultimate confidence to play any course with control and patience.

And the only way to make this happen is to learn the really simple methods to hone in mechanics you do not even have to think about to get the always impressive to use and show off with backspin and distance control that can stick it close no matter the length faced with the pitch.

But it’s not as hard or time consuming as you think… That’s what simple golf is all about.

Regardless of what your skill level or experience is, Be Deadly From 10 yards and In gives is the perfect addition to your golf improvement commitment because with the several pitching tips and drills, you will be dialing in those wedges and your partners will not know what’s hit them and your personal best will be broken.

Short Game Principle #3 – Splash Out Every Time


Now notice I did not say get out every time because that is a given. What I mean by splash out is to have the right technique, trust and skill to get the desired and satisfying “splash” or “spank out of the bunkers no matter the distance or lie for ultimate control and consistency

Far too many golfers struggle out of sand because they are making some bad mistakes that can easily be removed with some lessons for a lifetime that give you the “A Ha” moment of feel and acceleration that you see the best in the world use on the TV.

Good bunker play is a trainable skill and a valuable commodity for any golfer. Sand play for most of my career has been one of the best areas of my game, purely because of the tips and simple drills that deliver immediate results that you see in the Bunker Play videos..

But they are not rocket science… They are fun, time friendly and deliver the results so next time you play, you will be thinking about holing out from the sand trap and the fear of bunkers will never be felt again.

You may well be asking… “So what’s next Alex?”

A great place to start is to follow the tips, lessons and practice drills within Be Deadly From 100 Yards and In gives you a short game that will transform your scores whether you are an Elite player or looking to break 85…fast!

Your golf game from within 100 Yards will never look the same again…

The chipping tips  and drills are the perfect addition to your toolbox for developing you skills and consistency around the greens.

And with this simple golf system, you will shave at least 6 shots off your scores!


This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,