If you were to be more consistent on the golf course, meaning less erratic shots, eliminating the really fudged golf swings, reducing the amount of slightly mistimed strikes leading to missed fairways and greens would you be a better golf player?

Of course it would.

The thing you really want to know is… how?

How can you get a consistent golf game and get better at golf?

Well I am sure you have been sold on the latest revolutionary piece of golf equipment that will give you dozens of more yards and have you splitting fairways like an arrow as well as irons that pepper the pin like a laser.

Maybe the latest edition of the Golf Channel teaching show provides a few golf tips that will see all of your shots go straight every time. Perhaps you are following one of our simple golf swing methods or one of the golf lessons and training programs we have here at The Art of Simple Golf providing you with the drills, tips and instruction to develop a golf game through practice and / or golf fitness to help you perform your best possible golf swing.

However a consistent golf game will never be achieved and bordering on pointless if consistency and committed application is not the goal.Alex Fortey consistent golf game simple golf

You need to be consistent with your practice on the range, short game area and putting green as well as avoiding long lay off from playing if you want to yield good scores on the golf course but here’s the thing…

It doesn’t need to take up all of your time either. I understand that the majority of you do not have endless hours to practice like a tour pro, but the key as I mentioned before is consistency of what you can do. Even if its just a few minutes a week.

Also you need to look after your body so it looks after you.

Even if it’s a simple golf fitness routine that just get’s you moving a few minutes a week to improve your mobility, balance and a little strength… I mean, you want to keep playing for years don’t you

It is the accumulation of correct effort that yields results, not quick fixes, even if some things do deliver immediate results in your golf game and really how you get better at golf.

I am sure you may well be aware of this, but I hear on a frequent basis “oh, I have not played for a while”, or “I know I need to practice more frequently” you simply cannot expect miracles from your game or expect your handicap and scores to vastly improve if you do not invest time into it.

Consistency is the key.

Two rules you need to follow for a consistent golf game if you are juggling a busy, work, family based lifestyle .

  1. Do not undertake a golf practice or a golf training program that requires more commitment you can adhere to.
  2. Avoid lay offs. Make sure you are consistently “chipping”away at your golf game and at your health even if it’s just a few minutes a week.

Simply, be consistent with the simple golf swing and game game principles that you follow, lifestyle, and golf practice and you will become more consistent in your golf game as long as you use simple golf tips and lessons that really do make a difference to your game without needing hour of practice.

And that is why we focus our efforts on in creating simple golf swing resources and lessons that you can follow.


This is golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey