Simple Golf Tip For Getting Aim Spot On

You want to hit it further and straighter…of course you do, what golfer doesn’t ? However, in your pursuit of a simple golf swing and even a perfect golf swing you will be ignoring one of the key factors to hitting longer and more accurate shots that actually where you are aiming?

Golf as you probably are already well aware of, can be complicated and challenging for you to ever see real progress in your game or swing. However you can see improvement in your golf game by applying a few key factors such as allowing simple golf swing thoughts to be at the core of your golf game and having a system you can trust to be aiming up to the ball correctly every time.

A simple golf tip that works for every player…

You see even the best players in world often discuss that the main thing they work on in their practice sessions are the basic golf fundamentals such as posture, grip and address.

You will often see good players line up on practice ranges with a golf club by their feet or an alignment rod aiming down the range…

This is to ensure that their aim is accurate and they know that when on the golf course, when they pick a target they are in fact taking dead aim and can trust to let their golf swing go.

They do not do this because they are good players, they are good players because they do this!

Because they are consistent and disciplined with the alignment,  a simple golf swing action is allowed to occur so more distance and better iron shots are a frequent occurrence.A Simple golf tip for better alignment

It’s often something I need to remind myself to ingrain into my practice as by design, I am more of an instinctive player, however after a bad round or a few bad shots i remember to dial in my aiming and address position and the results in consistency always increase instantly.

So if there are such things as quick fixes in golf, this is one of the best, proven and fastest… A simple golf tip to improve your game.

No it’s likely you have heard this before but hopefully we can explain it’s practicality and the important check points you must follow for this alignment system and “hit the rails” to more accurate golf shots.

Watch A Simple Golf Tip For Taking Dead Aim
and Being Consistent


Doug Lawrie and Alex Fortey  show you that with a simple golf tip for establishing an aiming system that you can use in practice and on the course you will see an improvement in your accuracy and consistency. Hopefully after some practice you can rely on your golf consistency a lot more and hit more straight golf shots and improve ball flight because yo can guarantee you are aiming where you need to every time.

Simple golf tip for increasing consistency and accuracy

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach

Alex Fortey

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