Simple Golf Tips To Minimize Risk and Score Better

Too many golfers waste far too many shots and have nightmare holes that can be avoided if the right thinking and simple golf strategy is applied.

During the Ryder Cup there were a lot of tactics required to beat your opponent. But tactics on a hole are also very important in your own rounds but it’s something that is too often blindly ignored and it’s a major factor in nightmare holes, double bogeys or worse and losing momentum on what could well be a solid round of golf.

The good news is, avoiding nightmare holes is not that hard to do if you just step back and think about what you are trying to accomplish on each hole.

Bad golf shots do and will always happen but the key is to try to reduce the damage bad shots can cause to your round or hole.

For instance knowing your bad shot is a slice and seeing that a driver with even a big fade or slice on a hole will put you in water or trees, why not choose a club that will fall short of that. Even if you slice it.

It may take 3 shots to get onto the long par 4 hole but what it does do is minimize the risk of a double bogey or worse.

Simple right?

Simple golf tips like this and being a caddie to yourself is what you need to do to break 80.

This is Golf simplified.

Alex Fortey

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simple tip for power golf

This is Golf simplified.

Alex Fortey