Backswing trail arm is crucial to more consistency and getting it moving naturally, with a little persuasion to move in the correct pattern, you will have a better golf swing.

It’s been a difficult part of my swing… And takes regular work to not have this move.

Why do I fight it?

Well… it’s variable… the amount it moves changes.

Even when I try not to.

So finding a swing feel to help feel more connected and stop that annoying move is important for me. And I know it will be for you too.

At address, the right arm is relaxed; a little slack at the elbow is OK.

When you begin to move your swing back you elbow begins folding almost immediately as the right hand rotates away from the ball. Both arms stay in front of the chest for the entire backswing.

Here too many people pull in the elbow, drawing the club inside, stuck and then resulting in over the top golf swing.

The top portion of the right bicep remains tucked against the body as the club goes back. At the top, the right bicep and forearm should form a 90-degree angle, or close to it.

The backswing positions are closely mirrored on the downswing, with the right elbow tight against the body. The right arm unhinges approaching impact, when it forms a straight line with the shaft.

It stays straight well after contact, extending toward the target, with the right elbow bending as the swing slows to the finish.