Did you enjoy the U.S Open the past weekend?

What a challenge!

There are certainly some disappointed players and indeed fans after Sunday with some players in the hunt dropping back due to some simple mistakes, nerves and bad luck.

But Dustin played some solid golf with impressive scoring under very tough conditions.

If you looked at the leader board on the final day there was not 2 players who swung it the same. From Westwood to Garcia, Furyk to Lowry, Grace to Day…they all have their own dynamics and move in the swing.

Jim Furyk golf swing

And so does the boy who came out on top – Dustin Johnson.

Jordan Spieth along with many others state that DJ is one of the most talented players on the Tour who plays a game all of his own.

It was great to see him hoist the trophy as it was truly well deserved for him to finally break in the major winning circle.

The way he plays the game is brilliant. But the key is, he plays HIS game.

He powers through the ball in a languid manner with a far from Textbook move that delivers consistent blows but a reason he does it so well is because he is focussed on his target and his imagination and “normal level” of distance is just seen differently to you and many pros.

He allows his body to do what it feels right to produce a consistent powerful blow and he knows how to choose the correct spots to plot his way around the course.

Every shot he hits has a shape to it. He creates a picture that is ideal for the specific shot (that is a skill that can be developed easily when you know how) and he pulls the trigger.

His ​shortgame​ and putting is built on feel as well.

He is not bogged down with complicated technique or perfect swing positions.

If Butch Harmon or any of his previous coaches as a youngster tried to make him like a robot and play text book golf following the common lessons, I can guarantee you he would never even made it on the tour. He would have hated the game and very likely never achieved success.

Let’s use common sense here.

You may not be as athletic as DJ or as talented and he is​ but he does not try and swing or play text book golf, (so do many others on tour)​ so why ​should you always be focused on a perfect golf swing? 

​Applying the same old tips that you read in magazines and on the Golf Channel to try and get into the mold. 

If it worked, all the top players in the world would play the same.

If it worked, your game and scores would have shown drastic improvement. 

It comes down to a simple but crucial principle…

If you want to play your best golf you need to play YOUR game and you need to learn how to score better.

Like many golfers I’ve worked with, just making some simple suggestions and pointers to help them score better has instantly taken off several shots on a round and it’s never been about backswing positions. Better golf comes from a natural swing, focusing on the task and knowing what to do and when.

Be more like Dustin Johnson and play your golf game and learn to score and you will see significant improvement with less frustration and more enjoyment.

This is Golf. Simplified.
Your friend and coach,
Alex Fortey
P.S If you want to cut your handicap in half and learn how to score with a simple golf swing and game, look out for a special announcement next week for a unique challenge.