Simple Golf lesson for impact consistency and Learn from the golf swing of Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau is the envy of the golfing world right now even for many PGA tour players…

But his approach to golf is scientific and less of an Art of golf like we encourage..

However there are some very good and and best of all golf swing principles that if you try, you will see a big improvement in your golf swing and striking consistency.

So many variables occur when during a golf swing the impact is a lot different angle than the set up position in regards to the arm club unit.

It will affect strike patterns and how frequently you can hit the center of the clubface more often. If your hands start too low at address, with the momentum and fault of closing the gap by extending into the ball you will hit more bad golf shots than you want.

But if we replicate the impact position at the start of the golf swing in the set up, you may find you are a lot more accurate and consistent.

Golf swing address position for more speed and improve impact consistency that is natural and will your improve golf swing and ball striking consistency If you like the golf tips and videos and would like to see more by clicking the link below:

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