Here’s a simple chipping practice game to improve your skills, challenge yourself and have effective practice that results in better scores where it counts.. on the golf course.

So when you’re planning your chip shots or pitch shots, wherever they are, this practice game and drill to improve your skills.

So here’s the skill, it’s to get as many points as ou can within 2 and 3 feet radius, inside one club length.

When you place the tee pegs in the ground to mark the circle, don’t place anything in front because we go to chip towards that. But essentially what we’re looking at now, is chipping and pitching inside these areas. They have a points score and every one counts.

Hit 10 shots so that you can see under pressure what your capabilities are and let’s see how it goes. So 10 balls and one club. You can change the club if you want but keep it simple. Ultimately, what you are trying to do is to practice this one skill.

Choose the club to suit the shot from here. Now strike, and not rushing, paying attention, chip 10 balls.

Give yourself good lies. You can vary it if you like. Remember we’re trying to get all 10 inside that four foot and six foot circle.

There is a minus 10 so I need to make sure that this next one, now there’s extra pressure of exposed myself at not being able to count extra pressure if you don’t get your three balls in, if you missed three and it’s minus 15

It’s a difficult skill to do or difficult test to do, but when you’ve got the skill you can apply it. So he’s actually one of those drills there that just keep pushing in, just keep working through.

Just try it from different locations with different clubs downhill, uphill, right to left, left to right, slightly further back. Just keep testing yourself. It’s the same scores.

If you play from 50 yards out to set against five yards.

By the way, if you’re not any in, it’s a plus five on that score. So remember one, two, five minus five if you’re outside that circle, give it a try.

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