Chipping Made Simple: Quick Path to Confidence and Consistency

Chipping Made Simple: Quick Path to Confidence and Consistency

Chipping Simplified series

Chipping Simplified series

Unlocking Confidence and Consistency: Simplifying the Art of Chipping

Chipping is a fundamental skill that can greatly improve your short game performance. When executed with confidence and precision, it can be a game-changer on the course. Fortunately, mastering chipping doesn’t have to be complicated. By following a quick path and implementing simple techniques, you can enhance your skills and achieve consistent results.

The first step towards chipping success is understanding the basics. Develop a solid setup by positioning your feet slightly closer together and favoring your front foot. This promotes a more controlled and compact swing, allowing you to make clean contact with the ball.

Next, focus on your club selection. Choosing the right club for the desired shot distance is crucial. Experiment with different clubs to find the one that suits your preferences and achieves the desired trajectory and roll-out.

A key element in chipping is maintaining a soft touch. Instead of a forceful swing, rely on a pendulum-like motion with your arms and shoulders. This gentle and controlled movement will help you achieve greater accuracy and consistency.

Furthermore, mastering distance control is essential. By practicing with various targets and focusing on your feel for different distances, you can develop a reliable sense of how much power to apply in each chipping situation.

Lastly, make practice a priority. Regularly dedicate time to chipping drills and exercises. Create simulated scenarios to simulate real-life situations you may encounter on the course. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you will become in executing those critical chip shots.

By simplifying the art of chipping and following this quick path, you can unleash your potential and gain the confidence and consistency needed to excel in your short game. So, embrace these simple techniques, dedicate yourself to practice, and watch as your chipping skills elevate to new heights.



If you’re a golfer who has become frustrated with all the complicated swing thoughts and overly complex movements and drills that you’ve been taught, I can help. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the information and techniques that you’ve been told you must execute perfectly to play the game well. There is a simpler way. As a golf expert, I can help you simplify your approach to the game and get back to the basics of what really matters. With my guidance, you can let go of the cluttered thoughts and focus on what truly matters in your swing. So why not take the first step towards a simpler, more enjoyable golf game today? Let me help you unlock your true potential and rediscover the joy of golf.



So, a little bit more about me, My Name is Alex Fortey (I won’t go into the whole life story just yet). Chances are you’ve seen some of my lesson on Youtube or online and the instruction, insights and tips have resonated with you.

I am SO determined to fight the noise and nonsense of confusion fired at you from all angles and that is why The Art of Simple Golf is here. 

But why listen to me?

  • I Coach Golfers from Elite to weekend warriors alike.
  • Tens of thousands of golfers of all levels have benefited from our programs.
  • With almost 40 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, our message of SIMPLE golf get’s around.
  • I’ve spent years coaching and training golfers of all levels across the globe.
  • I know what it takes to produce a simple golf swing that feels natural, effortless and repeatable for consistent distances (my comfortable clubhead speed with my driver is 120+ mph).
  • I have been an elite level player, coached golfers from juniors to professionals, from college players to weekend warriors, and worked with some of the finest golfing brains in the World.
  • Improve as you get older

What You Get With The Chipping Simplified series

What You Get With The Chipping Simplified Series

By mastering proper chipping technique, practicing consistently, and utilizing shot selection and mental focus techniques, you can improve your chipping skills, gain confidence, and achieve consistent and accurate chip shots, impressing your playing partners while lowering your scores and enhancing your overall short game.

  • Proper chipping technique: Improve your chipping skills and become confident and consistent around the green. Gain the ability to make accurate and controlled chip shots, saving strokes.

  • Understanding of shot selection and club choice: Make better decisions on the course and improve your chances of successful chip shots.

We’ll show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why it will improve your chipping.

Everything is broken down into chunks.

We’ve adhered to the 80/20 principle and focused on the key 20% that will give you the greatest results possible in just a couple of lessons and drills.

It won’t feel like an overwhelming amount of work because just choosing to use one Fundamental with one drill help you feel more confident standing over your putts..

Because I know you are busy with work, family, and life and we need to make the results as quick, simple, and long-lasting as possible.

Golf is a time-consuming endeavor, so we make sure everything we teach is simple, effective, realistic, and fun.

With this approach, you will be more confident and consistent with your chipping.



What I am going to give you is what I would give you if we were standing on the golf course together.

Simple Focus – Easily Digestible Lessons – Executable Drills

The program is broken down into 4 simple sections.

The program is broken down into 4 simple sections.


Chipping Series: A Comprehensive Guide to Elevating Your Chipping Skills

Set Up

Core Fundamentals: Building the Foundation for Exceptional Chip Shots


Key Timeless Lessons: Building a Strong Foundation for Long-Term Success


Foundational Drills: Reinforcing the Lessons Learned

Yes! I’m ready to IMPROVE My Chipping – all by making some very simple changes.

Just Like These Folks

I’m absolutely delighted to have my old game back , with the accuracy and distance your instruction has given me . I probably would have paid hundreds . What a bargain ! I’ve probably spent ten thousand over the years for equipment , videos , and lessons … all to little avail . Now I’m more confident than ever that you guys have the true secrets to a better game . If cabbage – head Ken gets it without one swing on the range , then the rest will be a pure joy to learn .


It’s brilliant! l’m seeing the difference on the course already. I like that there is something new each day. That removes the repetitive boredom that exists in some other programs… I have started some others but stopped after a few weeks because of the repetition, the benefits didn’t come quick enough to offset the tediousness that developed.


Your methods make so much sense and I appreciate how you don’t over complicate your instruction and the results on the course already have been amazing. I shot 2 over for 9 holes. My best ever has been 5 over”


Chipping Simplified series

Chipping Simplified series


Here it is:

Take the entire course…all of it. And then, after all that, if you don’t start shooting the scores you want and feel like you own a game you love, then let me know and I’ll give you an immediate and full refund.

No questions asked.

I’m happy to do it because I’m 100% confident that if you go all-in during the Challenge you’ll achieve those outcomes. There has never been anything like it in golf instruction.

So click below and enroll now. You literally have absolutely nothing to lose …and everything to gain.

So click below and enroll now. You literally have absolutely nothing to lose …and everything to gain.

So click below and enroll now. You literally have absolutely nothing to lose …and everything to gain.

Just one off payment and receive instant access immediately after purchase.

Click Above and Let’s Get Started.

This is Golf, Simplified.

 – Alex Fortey

I love The Art of Simple Golf & Alex Fortey.  Alex is so nice and he strives to “uncomplicate” the baffling sport of golf. I had a horrible day of golf yesterday, even though I have been golfing in the 80’s most of last year (only my 2nd time out this year). Thinking about my game last night, I concluded I must have been moving my trail shoulder toward the ball and pushing it way too early. The thought occurred to me that I needed to try to hold my shoulder back at the start and drop it under. Then, oila! I see this video clearing everything up. So, I go from considering selling my clubs to not being able to wait until I play again.
Thank you

Harry Hammer Wigder, Happy Buyer

Your club  is awesome its already brought me down from a 14 to a 9. If I can get consistency with my driver I’ll blow the field away. My best already a 67 off a 10 handicap.

Willem Esterhuizen, Happy Buyer

Applied these simple tips and felt lots better and was hitting through the ball. Clear thoughts about target and less about the mechanics of swinging has given me a lot more accuracy both off the tee and with my irons, thanks fella.

Paul Lawless, Happy Buyer

Purchased on Wednesday, played on Friday and shot just 10 over! Normally I’m 15-16 over but the driving was great using these tips and I hit it straighter than normal. Thanks so much”

Edward S, Happy Buyer

o I took some of your simple tips out to the course yesterday and was surprised at how much distance i got out of not trying or thinking of positions of the swing. My swing was a lot smoother and i needed little effort to gain more distance and I was a lot more accurate with my shots.  I played several balls with each shot and every time i applied your tips the result was a lot better. I’m currently starting to teach my wife this great game and i will be going down this road for her lessons, as it’s a lot easier to learn and a lot less stress on the body… Keep up the great work mate 🙂 Cheers

Tony USA, Happy Buyer

Dear Alex,  I have been attempting to play Golf for over 55 years and at my best played off 7.  I am currently a very bad 13 struggling to play off 23 !!  However,I wish I had come across your teachings years ago !!  At the moment I am only ” Paper Trading ” as it were in my back garden,but already I can feel the Potential and really look forward to going firstly to the Driving Range and then The Course in the hope that even at 69 yo I have a chance of playing close to 13 or better.  P.S. I’ll let you know how I get on in a month or two ( whether or not you want to !! )

John Cunliffe, Happy Buyer

All I can say is I have never struck the ball as solidly time after time with all my different clubs. I only played one round (today) and shot 81 which is about 7 strokes better than my average score. I’m really looking forward to downloading the rest of leries so I can really take them with me to the course.
By the way, I also purchased your “Deadly from 100 Yards” DVD.s about three months ago and love them as well.
Thanks and I look forward to finally breaking 80 consistently

Charlie Thomas, Happy Buyer

Yesterday I shot 78 which is the first time I have broken 80 since my earlier years playing good golf. My current handicap is 14 but my goal is now to get back to a low single digit which I now firmly believe I can do. Of course I don’t play the back tees anymore but still play the men’s regular tees so I haven’t given in to the “Sr. tees” yet.  This is why what you are doing is so important for golf. Keep it going and I wish you the best of luck.  Thanks.

G Simell, Happy Buyer