Simple golf is the goal but not always the reality.

The process that I, Alex Fortey and the Art of Simple Golf I do not do it every single shot. I don’t, but it’s a should. Why don’t I? I’m human.

I don’t do it every shot, but I at least try. And do you know, if I’m not doing all of them, I try and do some of them. But there’s also times where I don’t do any of them now.

Not only that as one confession. The other confession is when I’m working on my own golf swing golf game, I bounce around and pinball just like you. It’s frustrating. I drive myself a little bit mad because part of what I do is, I look up a lot of golf swings, your golf swings. I look at a lot of other a PGA tour players, champion tour players.

I’m always learning about the game, about the swing, how to get your way around the course and yes, it’s wonderful to just say, yeah, have fun.

But I get bogged down with technique as well. Where should my arms go?

Where should my hips move? Whatever it might be, so I don’t play completely naturally, completely strained free.

Last week my back was hurting because I was trying to force my body to do stuff. So why would I do these things? It is because that golf is a journey for me. It’s a journey of learning, trying different things. That’s why we don’t teach a method. We teach Golf principles and to reign you back in to keep it simple, to remember that there’s tenants like the simple process like smooth tempo, to keep enjoying the game but also provide some drills and fun ways to improve that don’t overcomplicate. So it doesn’t mean that there’s no place for mechanics and technique. It doesn’t mean that there’s no place for drills or, or practice regimes or what seemingly might, you know, uh, become a complicated sequence of movements.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. But what we have to do is dial it back for it to be simple, effective, and enjoyable. And that’s the key because if you start getting really frustrated, if you are bouncing around from type of swing, you know whether you’re trying to do stuck until one plane to plane, uh, using your lower body, not using your lower body, steep on the backswing, flatter on the back swing.

All of these things are going to change how you move, how you hit the ball, whatever.

But the idea is we’re here to help you find your ideal swing. And it doesn’t mean suddenly one day there it is. It’s about finding what does work for you to keep you enjoying it, to keep you hitting those good golf shots. So that’s what my confession is.

I don’t always follow the simple process. I don’t always just play instinctively. I don’t always have fun, and I don’t always keep it simple and just have, you know, one or two thoughts that I’m working on forever. But I do try and keep it enjoyable and I do try and keep it simple and I want the same for you.

And that’s what we teach. That’s what we coach, and that’s what we try and distribute in our content and our programs.

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