How to be More Consistency at Golf – Get a Poised Finish. Simple way on how to be more consistent at golf.

A lot has to happen in the golf swing and we use the SIMPLE process because there are important steps that you have to take.

You have hit a golf shot and then we have to then evaluate really evaluate where you messed up.

Assess if you got distracted.

Whether you thought about your bank account whether your thought about the argument with the missus.

Whether you thought about the bogey on the last hole did it happen during the shot.

Maybe you were bogged down with technique and positions.

Whatever is in your brain will effect your golf consistency and shot outcome.

But we can help the task just by making a conscious effort to complete your golf swing to a full finish.

A good finish position has balance and poise.

When you practice your golf swing to have that element, your game will vastly improve. It’s so simple yet so effective.

Even when a “bad golf swing” occurs, if you focus on balance, smooth tempo and a good finish position you will be surprised at how it will help you to be more consistent.

So try this simple golf tip and the simple process of:

* Strategy
* Intermediate point and intent
* Matching the setup
* Practice with the prediction
* Let go
* Evaluate

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