Forcing your golf swing into what you are told are perfect golf swing positions is not going to give you the consistent results and it certainly won’t help you have more fun on the golf course.

The way you are told to position and manipulate you arms and hands into a hold that conforms to textbook instruction can rob you of a repeatable, natural golf swing that is yours!… But, it’s good to feel sometimes a connection, a check point.

BUT only if you don’t force it. This simple drill can do just that.

Try this:

Swing to the top, maintaining the connection between your armpit and your body. But only the very top. You don’t want the elbow forced in.

This is not natural.

You would not throw a ball or chop wood in this manner . It is something that cannot physically be achieved without causing detriment to other important areas of the motion.

But ensure you dial in to the SIMPLE process and make sure you are reacting and responding the the shot and objective you want to achieve on the course.

We don’t want you to compare to the PGA Tour pros and the LPGA tour pros, we can learn simple golf swing principles that don’t require a lot of athleticism and don’t need you to hit thousands of balls to ingrain the new golf swing technique.

By transforming your swing into a swing that looks like theirs, you’ll be using your body as well.