Golf: Correct Grip Size For More Consistency. The wrong grip size stops the hands working properly.

We have got a quick tip for you today about your equipment.

Too thin or too think can yield many problems and that’s why choosing the correct grip size for your golf swing and hand size is crucial.

But as with nearly everything in golf, testing what feels good for you could really improve your golf consistency and help you lower scores.

If you have golf grips that are too small, your hands can get fidgety and it can mean that they won’t allow the hands to work as they ideally should in the golf swing.

This has been made clear that inconsistency, greater shot dispersion, and typically too early a release of the club that can cause in a hook or pull.

If your grips are too thick, your hands won’t be able to release effectively at impact and the most likely result will be a block, push or slice.