Driver Swing Path Drill longer drives and hits the draw

One thing that’s often overlooked for a good golf swing is the path the club takes down to the ball. In other words, the direction of the swing.

That’s what I want to discuss with you today and also share good simple golf drill to help your driver swing path.

The most ideal swing path for the driver is a shallow, level arc that originates slightly from the inside of the target line and finishes just slightly outside of the target line.

The golf swing no matter your ability or speed is a series of chain reactions, so if your backswing is too steep and off-path for example, you’re most likely going to finish steep and off-path on the downswing causing slices and poor strikes which will kill your golf swing speed and distances you can accomplish with your driver

One way to practice attaining the correct path and angle is using the head cover drill that you see in the golf video above.

Using head covers and understanding simple golf principles you can stop slicing, hit longer drives and improve consistent contact. All sounds pretty good, right?

So try this simple golf swing drill for the driver to improve swing path, hit draws and play better golf.

Enjoy this video and check out the popular golf program to help you get more speed and distance.. effortlessly and consistently!

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