Simple Golf Fix At Home For Early Extension and Maintain Golf Posture With The Art Of Simple Golf Contributor Troy Vayanos

This video is all about how to your early extension and maintain a better golf posture to hit more consistent golf shots with founder Troy Vayanos.

If you’re someone that hits a lot of inconsistent golf shots such as thin, fat or off the toe then there’s a good chance you suffer from early extension or don’t maintain proper golf posture.

Hitting the centre of the golf clubface should be your number one priority, however most golfers lose their golf posture during the golf swing (especially the downswing) which is where most golfers go very wrong.

This simple practice drill can be used as a pre round warm up (against your golf bag) or even as a backyard drill to improve your path into the golf ball to ensure you attack the golf ball on more of an inside path. The best part is it’s anyone can do this regardless of their ability and its costs nothing.
Whether you play off 27 or 9, this drill is for all golfers that want to fix early extension and maintain golf posture once and for all.

This simple drill will get your golf swing on a better swing plane and produce more solid, consistent golf shots that travel on a better line towards your target.
Not 30-yards short and wide of the target into a bunker or out of bounds!

You don’t need to worry about taken expensive golf lessons from your local professional, just implement the simple drill in this video and your early extension will be fixed.

So enjoy the video on how to fix your early extension and maintain better golf posture and enjoy hitting longer, straighter golf shots from your very next round.

This is Golf. Simplified