Feel The Weight And Stripe It Effortlessly Using The Golf Swing Axe Drill

Feel the Weight To Dictate Your Golf Swing | You Can Lose a Limb! | The Axe DrillsThis golf swing principle from The Art of Simple golf with Alex Fortey and Shawn Clement teaches you the importance of feeling the weight of your golf club and swing to dictate the action, plane, and velocity.

If you want to improve your golf swing and want to know the weight of golf club and golf swing axe drill so that this video is best for you to know the exact and actual technique to improve your golf swing drill and axe drill.The Art of Simple Golf channel teaches you the best golf drill that helps you every shot and increases your golf technique day by dayYou need to allow your body to respond to the golf swing objective.

It’s so common sense but for some reason in the golf instruction industry it’s ignored or overlooked?If you swing an axe like you most likely do with a golf club, you would be terrible at cutting down trees and probably loses a limb.

Also, Alex Fortey shares his experience and big mistake when using the pre-set drill made famous by Nick Faldo, Nick Price, and David Leadbetter.

So try this very simple golf swing tip and see how when you allow momentum to start your golf swing you will be hitting the golf ball longer and straighter more often. Plus as a benefit, it will really help those moments when you are tense.

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