Simple chipping drill golf tip and practice drill for lower scores and to stick it close from around the greens.

Chip Through The Gate is a great golf practice drill to dial in your accuracy of your chips and improve your visualization of where to place shots around the green.

40% of your scores on the golf course come from your short game so if you are struggling to break 90, 80 or even 70, the shortgame is where you should spend a lot of your time improving. If you do this, your scores will drop faster than you can say “Mickleson Flop Shot”!

The ONE Major Difference Between Amateur and Professional Golfers… First of all, it’s not distance. Yes, some pros consistently drive the ball 300+ yards, but that’s not the norm…and it never has been.

In fact…it’s not tee shots at all. In a given round there are only 18 shots from the tee and the average pro only hits 13 greens in regulation.

The real difference between the weekend golfers and the pros is the ability to score from 100 yards and in.

Simple Chipping Drill

EVERY single elite level golfer can score. They can get up and down in 2 strokes time after time. And so my golfing friend should you.

And the good news is, it’s not as difficult as you think.

With some very simple chipping drill and principles like the figure of 8 chipping technique lesson and using the drill that you see here to chip through the gate you will be on the right road. Simple but effective practice drills can be done at home so even if you do not have much time for practice or even be able to get to the course or short game practice area, this simple chipping drill with a couple of sticks in the ground will serve you very well.

When you have better accuracy and control you can pin point on the course and around the greens where you need to land with the club, feel and roll that you need to get it close to the hole and hopefully get up and down more often.

Around the greens we want a lot of feel and touch. But you also want accuracy and a solid technique we can rely on without too much stress and that you to play with a deft natural touch as if you were simply tossing the ball right out of your hand.

This Simple Chipping Drill and challenge does exactly that.

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This is Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey