Golf Backswing | Get Full Shoulder Turn Naturally And Easily!

How To Make A Full Powerful Shoulder Turn Naturally and effortlessly with Alex Fortey From The Art of Simple Golf

Sounds to good to be true for your own golf swing? it’s not!

If you have the ability to stand up you have the ability to make a golf backswing that has a full shoulder turn.

A full shoulder turn is key to a smooth tempo, a consistent golf swing and having power in your golf swing.

But here is the thing… It should not be forced and it should definitely not be strained when you try and get a full shoulder turn.

Golf Backswing Drill To Make A Full Shoulder Turn – Pull Your Right Shoulder Back.

So what I want you to do is stand up, get into your golf address and simple pull your right shoulder back behind you.

Allow you body to flow naturally in the hips and torso and you will see that the shoulder will turn more than enough for a perfect backswing.

Imagine looking over your shoulder when someone calls you name from directly behind you at 6 o’clock. Just keep your feet in place, even let your left heel raise if you need to (left heel if right handed golfer)

So there you see the golf swing made simple with a full shoulder turn that will give you you rhythm and timing as well as a power and consistency.


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