Golf backyard practice in the back yard for chipping and pitching with the addition of the G-Force Trainer

You can improve your golf game a lot in the backyard with a couple of buckets and your wedges. You can also improve your technique and consistency very quickly when you use the G-Force training aid golf club.

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When you don’t rush your golf and actually feel the movement with patience, you will be amazed at the good results you can have with improving contact and owning better consistency.

But the key is to feel that the throwing and tossing action is just like you would if you were to throw a golf ball underhand into the bucket. Make sure your chip or pitch matches your objective in what shot you are trying to hit the golf ball to.

It can help you have a better chipping technique and will help you stop chipping yips and duffing your chip shots too!

Try this to take your game to the next level.

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