Golf Downswing Transition For Effortless Speed ➡️ How To Start The Golf Downswing EASILY

Golf Downswing transition And Get Into The Slot with a natural golf swing transition to give more effortless power and consistency. If you want more swing speed and struggle with a steep downswing this golf lesson with Milo Lines And Henry Fall for The Art of Simple Golf will help you a lot!

This golf swing lesson is helping you start the downswing correctly in the transition to be able to get into to the slot so you can release the golf swing energy for maximum swing speed and effortless golf swing power.

This is a good natural lesson for most any player. So if you want to learn how to hit irons more consistently then you need this instruction.
It will help you to stop coming over the top and have top speed without force.

Downswing in golf made easy and consistent.
0:00​ Golf downswing with Milo Lines and Henry Fall
0:50​ The over the top golf swing mistake caused by the arms
2:00​ golf swing sequence learned from other sports and athletic moves
3:00​ Golf downswing move for power and consistency

If you want to have a very simple golf swing that is ideal for a senior golf swing and any player wanting to hit it longer without having to worry about a backswing turn, this will help.

Stop Trying To Make A Backswing Turn | WIND Up Your Golf Swing Like THIS​

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Milo Lines is the Lead Golf Instructor at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. He is a PGA Professional and has been coaching the game full-time for over 15 years to players of all abilities, including elite junior players, and PGA and LPGA Tour players. Milo’s motto is Learn to Swing Like an Athlete!

Henry Fall is a PGA Associate, LPGA Tour caddie, and now assists Milo Lines. He has been coaching the game for more than 10 years. Henry also enjoys content creation across his social media platforms and offers online coaching while traveling on tour.

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Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing
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