Knowing your distances is the key to golf improvement and get a simple golf swing series for more power consistency and lower scores.

The average distance that you hit a club is NOT the same as the longest possible distance you have ever hit that club.  Thinking that they are the same only hurts you ability to manage the course and score well.

You may think that only elite players ned to know how far they hit clubs, but I am here to tel you once you understand the value, your game will be become dramatically more consistent.

Even if you are a hacker.

It will change your focus, confidence and ballstriking pretty quickly when you make an effort in this I assure you..

No you don’t need to be like Berhard Langer who once after his caddy told him the yardage to the front of the green from a specific sprinkler in the fairway, then asked his caddy if it was from one side of the sprinkler head or the other…

But you should pay more attention than you do.

Most people learn their club’s distances on the range, and this is a perfectly fine way to get a ball park idea of how far each club goes.  Every golfer has access to a driving range, but…

One issue with finding your distances at the range is that you’re going to be using range balls.  Range balls are built to be durable; they are not built to perform like a top ball.  Because of this you could see measurable differences when using a range ball vs. your game ball so consider than when finding out your yards.

The range is great for finding certain distances, but anything in between the flags is nothing more than a rough guess because of the balls and the gaps inbetween the distances.

But you can use a laser. A laser rangefinder can give you the precise distance from where you’re standing to the chosen target.

You can utilize the golf course too.

If you can get out on the course and hit multiple shots into the green from various distances, you can get a very accurate gauge of how far each club goes.  Not only will you be hitting to a specific target, you’ll also be using your gamer ball.

First, you need to be able to get on the course when it’s relatively empty.  If people are stacked up on the tee box, they’re not going to be thrilled with you hitting ten 7 irons into the green.

Second, you need a laser rangefinder or a good GPS, or else you’ll be limited to using the 150 marker and pacing off other distances.

In this quick golf lesson, Alex Fortey shares a simple tip to choose the correct golf club and know your average distances for each club. Come and learn more and see our resources to help you increase your distances, improve consistency and lower golf scores here.

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