Modern golf instruction and senior golf do not mix.

In this golf lesson shares some insights why how you are being taught the golf swing is killing you, your swing and your scores.

It’s time to end the frustration!

This is why the why the Senior Golf Swing System had to be created.

Teaming up with The art of Simple Golf to create a comprehensive golf swing for over 50’s and senior golfers.

It’s still perfect for any golfer, but those who are wise will heed this advice.

Here Shawn Clement shares a simple golf swing instruction tip… It’s about avoidance of the industry complicated dogma if you really want to improve your golf swing to get more golf swing speed and golf power..

Especially if you are a golfer over 40 and a senior golfer too.

The other point I must make is that these principles are not for senior golfers only.

They apply to every golfer on the planet, no matter age or ability. Because we are all human and for the most part, we are all wired the same it matters not whether you are 20, 40 or 70 years old… You should want to have a natural golf swing that causes no pain or strain and gives you the consistent results you dream of!

To have a good golf swing you need. Stability, balance, natural mechanics, simple thoughts and modern golf instruction is simply not doing that, but hopefully Shawn in this video explains why.

If you want to learn the very best golf swing and principles to see extraordinary improvement on the course, then the Simple, Senior Swing Program is for you. Learn more about it below.


Also, we have our amazing program for every area of your game called “Complete Golf Wisdom” and if you want to learn more from Shawn Clement visit Wisdom in Golf