Why Golf Lessons Don’t Improve Your Golf Game

Here Alistair Davies and Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf Share WHY YOU AND MOST OTHER GOLFERS DON’T IMPROVE at golf.

Golf is a challenging game there is no denying it, but why you struggle to see everlasting improvement in golf is simple. But the faults are easily remedied also.

When you follow conflicting information on youtube golf videos the golf channel and tips from friends you are getting confused and you end up going round in circles.

There’s is a ying and yang to everything in life and your golf swing is no exception!

You must understand why you choose to try a golf tips or swing adjustment that you have ina golf lesson or see online and youtube. That includes the stuff we put out. Does it apply to you, what is the compensation of it for your swing and what benchmarks you must measure to make sure it’s working for your golf game.

Hopefully this video provides some insights into what is needed.

Instinctive Golf – https://goo.gl/U87ukP

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Simple Slice Fix – https://theartofsimplegolf.com/simple-slice-fix-system

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