Dustin Williams and Alex Fortey team up to show you a simple drill you can do at home to really improve your vision and your golf game of course. http://dustinwilliamsperformance.com

Good peripheral awareness is crucial to all elements of your game, and the 4th drill is designed to allow you to make you vision work WITH you – not against.

While you’ll likely see this drill improving your short-game the most, it’s going to help improve ALL aspects of your game – and run-through this quick and easy drill a few times each week, and you’ll be able to…

Visualize what you AREN’T looking at. (This is especially important when putting on the green, as you need to be able to focus on the ball, while keeping the pin, if your sights)…

Save Energy! (Yes, Really!) Low peripheral awareness requires more energy for your eyes to function when walking around. You may walk 6-7 miles in a game – and better peripheral will help save the energy for playing the game…
Maintain an accurate head position, leading to more fluid, and accurate shots. (Head position requires good peripheral field awareness.

Thus, with lower peripheral field capacity, the accuracy of head movement and positional control decreases which significantly degrades balance)… “When most people think about their eyes, they ONLY consider their ability to see objects or write clearly. And that’s a good thing because the number one task for your eyes is to give you a great picture of the world.

We all want to see that beautiful sunset or our kids’ smile, or simply to be able to read the menu in the restaurant without needing longer arms!

However, the impact of vision goes FAR BEYOND how clearly you see.

It influences how you stand, how you move, how much pain you experience, your athletic performance, and in some cases how much frustration or anxiety you feel day-to-day.

The fact is that your vision impacts every aspect of your life, and IMPROVING IT can create massive shifts for you in areas of your life that may seem far removed from just “seeing better.”Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing

This is a sneak preview of….