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More Golf Power | Drive and Hammer The Nail For Your Best Golf Swing

Do you want to need more golf power… are you looking for how to improve you golf swing? Well our friend and contributor toThe Art Of Simple Golf, Shawn Clement explains in this golf lesson to drive and hammer the nail for your best golf swing. Learn more.

Do you know how to improve golf swing? how to do best golf driver swing? If you want to know the best golf drill so that this golf power swing lesson videos is for you.

Power golf drive is an iconic shot of golf to increase driver distance in golf.

By watching this video you’ll learn how to drive a golf ball better with a simple swing that gives control, increase swing speed and power. This is a really crucial and common sense golf lesson that can and most likely will enhance your golf swing.

This is another exclusive golf swing tips for you to learn more about golf swing and how to improve golf swing dramatically.
So let’s watch this video and learn the best golf driver swing and even improve every other club in the bag.

In this video Shawn Clement present with another fabulous golf swing tip on how to get you more power in your swing.

Imagine, you have a hammer in your hands, now If I’m hammering the nail straight down into the ground that would look like this wouldn’t it.

So, notice how you take the hammer, the two bones of your arm the radius and the ulna. Now stacked on top of one another and I’m driving the nail downwards.

Notice the angle of my head.

Notice my shoulders everything’s quite level. Even a little tilted forward.

In golf, we’re driving that way the targets over there. So, now I’m gonna set up in a way where I can drive the energy of my swing.

In this direction, notice How I just did that. Look where my hand is now and look where the two bones of my arm are now. They’re stacked this way driving in that direction.

Hope you enjoy this post and learn something new to improve your golf swing. So let’s subscribe  to stay connected.

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