Golf Putting Stroke Made Simple: Principles To Improve Putting Stroke With Tour Coach Andy Gorman

Here are some great principles on how to putt and improve putting stroke with some good putting drills and tips.

Poor putting is often caused by some simple mistakes such as incorrect posture and poor grip. Really simple fixes to make and the results will immediately speak for themselves.

Golf can be hard but being a good putter will slash your scores every time.

You may not hit it 300 yards

… or even 250 yards..


You can become deadly on the greens no matter your level, ability, age or goals. You can become feared by your fellow competitors and friends IF you know the truth about putting that is.

This is going to be the start of something amazingโ€ฆ

You are about to have the opportunity to learn why the biggest
“rules” of putting need to be destroyed and why they have been holding you back and causing you to miss too many short putts and have too many 3 putts on the greens.

Quite bold to say I know, but you see for many years only the top tour players have been following the new wave of putting and fortunately Andy has had the privilege of coaching many of the worldโ€™s best male and female playersโ€ฆ

And now, you too are going to learn the key principles that Andy Gorman teaches and that Elite golfers pay him thousands of dollars for!

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