Simple Golf Swing Drill For Tempo: The Paper Drill

A golf swing can and should be a smooth effortless move that can be performed all day with minimum strain on your body and deliver the consistent ball striking and distances you are looking for.

This simple golf swing thought is all about tempo and staying connected in a natural way.

You may well have tried the towel under the arm practice drill before and although it is a good one, there is one big issue with it; It compresses your arms against the body causing swing consistency and speed speed through tension.

I want you to imagine in your next practice session that you have 2 pieces of paper under your arms as you swing the golf club. But the key here is that you do not crumple them during the swing.
This is because you are most likely very tense in your shots and not able to feel the weight of the golf club.

Simple golf swing tempo

Tension in a golf swing is killer and this simple practice drill for sure will get you swinging with more freedom but not loosey goosey either. This is a key for a simple golf swing.




You can try hitting balls with the pieces of paper under your arms but it’s very effective to just imagine with a simple golf swing thought.

Your swing and results will prove it i’m sure.

Your Friend and Coach

Alex Fortey