Golf Swing Rehearsal and Intent: Mulligan Every Shot Golf Course Tips

Golf swing tips on the course.

In this simple golf lesson, Alex Fortey shares the importance of making your practice swing count.

You have heard of mulligans in golf.. well, if you try this golf tip on the course, you can get as close as possible to giving yourself a mulligan on every shot you make.

Simple golf strategy and intent is so important on all golf shots. If you have been with us a while you know we talk about the simple process the strategy the intermediate point matching the setup you know predicting your practice swing letting go and evaluating.

Today I want to cover the predicting now a lot of you will do a practice swing but not really have any real intention about what you are trying to accomplish with it you.

Too many golfers waste practice swings/. Use them properly and your scores and consistency will jump to new levels.

If you have not already I urge you to check out the S.I.M.P.L.E process with driving lesson here.


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