Golf Swing Tip For Tempo.

Fight Fear and Get Consistency With 90 / 90 Golf Swing

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Amateurs often struggle with difficult golf shots and pressure because too many golf swing thoughts are in the head and finding the proper tempo has gone. They think they need to swing much faster than they actually do to generate power and distance.

Another cause of bad golf swing’s is being too tense and over complicating the swing thoughts. Somewhat paralyzing the golfer to have a free flowing golf swing.

Even some golf professionals find that they must simplify their golf swing thoughts slow down their tempo when they fall into the habit of rushing their swings.

Golf swing Tension is a major cause of a hurried swing tempo. Be deliberate with all the actions you take prior to taking your stance and setting the club behind the ball. Walk up to your ball slowly. Take relaxed, easy practice swings.

With less ball striking height, consistency and distance is difficult.

So here Alex Fortey provides a simple golf swing tip to give you more height, distance and consistency that gives you the ball striking you want on the golf course when fear strikes and tension kills.

This will give you more consistency on all your golf shots.