Golf Swing Tip And Home Practice Drill For More Power and Consistency – Right Shoulder Under

Power and consistency is the oracle for golfers.

Often you find that you will be playing on the course with one or the other, as trying to find more power results in hitting harder at the ball which decreases power and ruins accuracy. Ideally for long and straight shots you want to swing through and let gravity and a natural motion occur so you stay focussed on the target and release with conviction.

This golf swing practice drill that you can do at home will help you do just that.

Many of you struggle with coming over the top which causes swing faults like the slice or in the vain hope of increasing your distance, you spin the hips open

It’s not complete luck that my average drives are over 320… Golf swing tips for power and consistency with home practice drill. THe Art oF simple golf, Alex Fortey

It’s because of drills like the one you will see below that dial in the feeling of release and timing that give me the very powerful yet effortless distances.

This golf swing tip that you can practice at home for more power and consistency is just part of our learning model to build a great golf swing.

(if you are right handed) You simply need to place your left hand on the top of club, say a 6 iron. The golf club needs to be pointing upright meaning it’s not on you address angle.

Golf Swing Tip For Power and Consistency –
Right Shoulder Under

golf swing tips home practice drill for more speed and consistency

From here I want you to hinge your right arm at the elbow directly in front of you.

Now make your turn in the backswing, winding up well with the shoulders and sitting into the hips nicely. From here, instead of spinning out like so many of you do, I want you to move through to the impact position, keeping the left arm in place.

This is where the “right shoulder under” title for this drill makes sense.

This drill is just a small example of the effectiveness that constructive and progressive golf practice drills that you can do at home that when done in sequence will yield some great results not just in the distances that you can hit the ball but also the accuracy and consistency in which you can do it.

So please give this swing drill a try and feel it next time you play I am sure you will be happy with the feel and the results.

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This is Golf. Simplified.

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Alex Fortey

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