Simple on course golf tips for more consistency and better scores.

This is just a quick on the spot video sharing some on course strategy for a simple dog leg hole. The golf tips Alex Fortey share’s are just a quick glimpse of how he plots the first hole of an early round of golf. Not in tournament, not with a big warm up just a quick 9 holes one mornng… But even in this this situation, some choices and structure to each shot make ┬áit more fun and effective and ultimatly give better scores.

Too many golfers make the mistake of only ever thinking about golf swing technique and mechanics and not enough about golf course strategy.

This error is one reason why you fail to lower your scores and we at The Art of Simple Golf want to share great golf tips that not only help you simplify your golf swing but actually give you better results on the course.

One of the most important factors to play better golf is to have a good picture and vision for every single shot you hit. When you can create this, all that is needed is to allow your golf swing to fit that picture.

Not the other way around.

When you free your mind you can allow a more natural and simple golf swing to occur. Focussing more on your targets than golf swing technique is crucial if you want to have more consistency, more power and play better golf.

Enjoy these simple golf tips and apply them next time you play.