Golf Wrist Hinge And Release | Dustin Johnson Or Fleetwood For Your BEST Golf Swing?

Golf wrist hinge and release. This golf swing lesson pertaining to Dustin Johnson and Tommy Fleetwood. They are among the best Tour players in the world but how they go about the wrist hinge and rotation of the golf swing is different.

And one of the keys to playing better golf is finding which golf swing release and wrist pattern suits you the most. Viktor Hovland has wrist surgery tension and rotation like DJ, Rory Mcilroy has a simile wrist movement in the golf swing like Fleetwood.

Which should you copy for your golf swing?
There is also another way to release the good club and it’s more of an effortless golf swing allowing the club the flow.

Finding the one that feels like a natural golf swing g to you is a key to you having the best ballstriking even if you are a 20 handicapper or a senior golfer.

In this simple golf lesson Alex Fortey From the Art of simple golf provides the options for your wrist hinge, rotation in the golf swing and finding what will suit you best.

The golf grip and how strong you have the lead hand will effect the golf swing release and pattern too.
0:00​ Golf swing release land wrist hinge golf swing keys
2:45​Dustin Johnson Golf swing wrist hinge and rotation to shallow
5:00​ How Tommy swing release and wrist hinge
7:29​ Natural simple golf swing release

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This will get you hitting it solid by swinging through and not being so dominant with trail side which can cause slices etc.

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Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing
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