Good Golf Swing Sequence and Increase Swing Speed With a Natural Downswing

You can improve the sequence and speed of your swing by using the body more naturally,  allowing the weight of the golf club to help you not hinder you and not focus so much on the positions.

Your golf swing form is natural to you, if you allow it.

And a simple punch and instinctive uppercut (no matter how slow you do it) will show you that you, yes you do have the ability to get the weight transfer and golf swing sequence right.

Do that and the shots will be straighter and you will increase club head speed too.

And the good thing about this drill, you can do it at home too.

It’s EASY. It doesn’t matter how old you are… what your golfing ability is… or how ‘in or out of shape’ you are… the Simple Swing Speed System is EASY to learn. (And in just a moment… I’ll show you HOW!)

golf swing speed