Hit More Greens With Irons: Low Point Arm Structure With Alistair Davies

A consistent contact is perhaps the most important factor for a good golf swing and the reason why PGA tour players have consistency and power with seemingly effortless golf swings that enable them to hit more greens than you.

One of those keys to good ball striking and consistency is the low point and good extension through the ball with arm structure.

So here Alistair Davies, an Art of Simple Golf Contributor gives a golf swing lesson that increase distance and consistency that gives you the ball striking you want on the golf course when fear strikes and tension kills.

You can drastically improve your iron play and contact when you become aware, accurate and consistent about your low point. You see, good ball striking is essential if you want to hit the ball pin high more often.

A side note here is pin high is such an amazing goal for golfers to have but it’s often ignored.

When you know how you can find the low point in your golf swing for much better contact especially with the irons.

Too many golfers allow the arms to swing down and at the ball. And the arm structure around the post impact area. A little but like the chicken wing

Hit half shots with extending arms out and up to target and you will be amazed at the difference.

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