How to Hit Solid Chip Shots Around The Green and Make Consistent Contact A Simple Drill With The Art Of Simple Golf Contributor Troy Vayanos.

This video is all about how to hit solid chip shots around the green that ensures you make better

contact and hit more consistent chip shots with Troy Vayanos.

If you’re someone that struggles to make a solid, consistent contact when chipping around the green you find you hit a lot of chips fat or thin then there’s a good chance you suffer from too wristy or flippy
technique that results in a lot of inconsistencies.

Making a simple, sound chipping technique is absolutely critical to hitting solid chip shots, however most golfers have no chance of doing use because they flip with their wrists too quickly which makes
it very difficult to make solid contact with the golf ball.

This simple practice drill can be used as a pre-round warm up or even as a backyard drill to get you the feeling for the perfect chip shot that ensures your make crisp, solid impact with the golf ball at impact.

The best part is it’s anyone can do this regardless of their ability and its costs nothing. Whether you play off 27 or 9, this drill is for all golfers that want to hit more solid chip shots and get up and down for par more often from around the green.

This simple drill will get your golf chip shots coming off the clubface more solid that produces a purer contact with the ball that results in a nice roll and delivery to the pin.

Not 10-feet short or 30-feet over the back of the green into a bunker!

You don’t need to worry about taken expensive golf lessons from your local professional, just implement this simple drill in this video and your golf chipping will be fixed.

So enjoy the video on how to hit solid chip shots and enjoy getting up and down for par more often from your very next round of golf.

This is Golf. Simplified.

The Art Of Simple Golf Contributor Troy Vayanos.