Simple Tips On How To Hit Longer Drives On Tap

Alex Fortey and Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Alistair Davies share some simple golf tips on How To Hit Longer Drives And Bomb It when you need to.

Being able to nudge out a few extra yards off the tee when required is not only fun but very useful when it comes to certain golf holes.

  • Carrying water with a drive
  • Having a long drive competition in an event or against friends
  • Wanting to get on a par 5 in 2
  • Making the most of a downwind hole

These are just some of the reasons we want to give you the golf lessons that will give you more yards with the driver when you need it.

But as we are strong advocators of simple golf swing methods, these golf tips are easy to apply and be consistent with.

So enjoy the video on how to hit longer drives and go and see your drives get more distance and improve your golf game.

When you learn how to hit longer drives you will see a huge advantage over your friends and also your scores!

This is golf. Simplified