How to play golf bunker shots with distance control simple ultimate golf lessons

Bunker shot distant control is what will help you get more sand saves.

Bunker shots made simple when you use a shallow and consistent length of divot and amount of sand is more predictable. See the golf lesson here and put it into your next round. If you can practice it first though.

When you feel the bounce and shallow, longer sand divot, you will be playing better bunker shots this is the art of simple golf.

It’s much easier to control how the ball flies by taking the same amount of sand on every length bunker shot and varying your swing length.

Most amateurs feel they have to take a full swing to ensure the ball gets out. But this is because they usually take too much sand.

When you take the right amount of sand you can make short, controlled swings for those close, tricky pin positions.

So that you avoid the common mistake of decelerating in your downswing, make you are follow-through twice the length of your backswing one-third backswing, two-thirds follow through.