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How to Fix a Slice and Over The Top Golf Swing With Simple Golf Tips and Drills

How to Fix a slice and Over The Top Golf Swing With The Simple Iron Cover Drill With The Art Of Simple Golf Contributor Troy Vayanos

This video is all about how to fix your over the top golf swing.

If you’re someone that hits a lot of golf shots (right hander) that start left and then curve way right then there’s a good chance you suffer from an over the top golf swing. Secondly, if a lot of your golf shots start left and then stay left there’s also a good chance you have the same problem.

Getting the golf ball to start on line is one of the most common questions I get asked, however unfortunately this is where most golfers go very wrong.

How to fix a slice with this simple practice drill can be used as a pre round warm up or even as a backyard drill to improve your path into the golf ball to ensure you attack the golf ball on more of an inside path. The best part is it’s anyone can do this regardless of their ability and its costs nothing.

Whether you play off 27 or 9, this drill is for all golfers that want to fix this problem once and for all.

This simple drill will get your golf swing on a better path and as a result the golf ball will fly towards the target on the line you want.
Not 50-yards left and into the trees or water!

You don’t need to worry about taken expensive golf lessons from your local professional, just implement the simple drill in this video and your over the top golf swing will be fixed.

So enjoy the video on how to fix your over the top golf shots and see how much longer and straighter your golf ball will fly.

This is Golf. Simplified

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