More golf distance with smooth tempo

Here in this golf tip, Alex Fortey shares some simple tips to increase swing speed and more distance. And it’s not about hitting harder or trying to be faster. It’s using timing and smooth tempo to get more swing speed.

When you follow the likes of Ernie Els and Dustin Johnson have power with good tempo and Fred couples to seems to have the easiest swing in golf.

The human body is a miracle of physics and engineering.

Harnessing your built-in mechanics is the absolute best way to develop an effortless, powerful swing that maximizes your distance and control.

The problem is most golfers don’t know how to use their bodies, and they try too hard to overcompensate for this lack of knowledge and training.

Their swings are inconsistent, and so are their golf games.

If you don’t know how to use your body as a golf swing machine, increasing distance will always be an uphill (and unsuccessful) battle…

You’ll find it impossible to perform a repeatable, natural golf swing that features the proper sequence, speed, and effortless power required to maximize distance.

Your swing will put stress on your muscles and joints that can cause pain now and lead to long-term injuries that threaten your ability to play golf well into your golden years.

Unless you have strain free and easiest golf swing with a smooth tour tempo

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