Simple golf swing tips with Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf to hit irons and strike with compression and consistency.

Welcome… Today I am going to give you a couple of neat ways to hit your irons better, more consistently and hit more greens that hopefully are pretty simple for you.

The part is they are going to give you the nice feeling to really hit your irons pure.

That’s a sweet feeling when you compress the ball and it squeezes out with a sweet feel off the middle and whizzes through the air…

So to help you hit your irons better I am going to give you a couple of simple golf tips

The first one is about the address position.

The next one is about the technique and feel you need to have through impact.

I am not going to cover the other stuff that you can find some other videos on our site about the SIMPLE process about know how important the strategy is for every golf shot.

Releasing to your target you know we always need to have the strategy we always need to have that intermediate point that we are setting up to that we are matching to we need to make sure that our practice swing is spot on.

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