How To Hit Longer Drives and Be Consistent

How to hit a driver consistently and get more distances without forcing it and keeping it simple. …

This golf lesson video is geared towards a more of a Novice golfer but it’s really going to help anyone that might be struggling with their golf swing or driving abilities.

It’s not as hard as you may think to get more distances without sacrificing accuracy.

So we are going to cover a couple of thoughts that I want you to go through every time you take the big badger out of the bag by giving you 3 simple golf tips that you can execute easily no matter your level.

Enjoy this lesson but also below I have added some extra golf lessons that I think will help you in relation to being more consistent

If you have not already I urge you to check out the S.I.M.P.L.E process with driving lesson here.

So the first thing I want to address we cover it in another video and it’s one of our tenants of golf but it’s so important you have to tell your to the brain what you are trying to do you can’t just walk up to tee it up and think I want to hit this 300 yards.

Take Dead Aim for your golf shots.

If you want to see it and 300 yards away you might not be able to but you know let’s make it to 50 in an exact spot tell your brain exactly.



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