It’s time you stop fearing your golf shots when faced with water in front of you and today you see a video that explains a simple way to remove fear and focus on what will give you the better, more accurate and well struck wedge shots you would love to have.

As always, the best thing for you golf game is a simple switch and a good golf lesson to take away and practice. The video below explains what you need to do to play pitch shots over water with more consistency, better strikes and confidence


Pitching and wedge shots over water can often cause many headache and ruin your scores.

The mental challenge in golf is a tough one as we all know but one thing that will make golf improvement a lot more difficult for you if you follow the wrong golf tips and techniques. Because no matter how good you are at removing the thought of dunking your ball into the water, without a solid pitching action you will frequently struggle.

So see the video that shows you how to hit wedge shots over water and your consistency, ball striking and scores will start improving very soon.

 Simple tip on how to hit wedge shots over water

This simple golf tip will bog you down with technique but hopefully help you execute with more confidence pitch shots and make you go and practice your technique and learn how to hit wedge shots better.


This is Golf. Simplified

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