How To Improve At Golf: Don’t Hit Golf Shots!

This important golf lesson that if you really imagine and visualize your best outcomes, golf swing and results, and you engrain that on your mind your golf swing will improve and your results will be better than ever!

And the best part is, you don’t hit any golf balls and you can do at home, on the train, in the car or wherever!

This principle does not only apply to golf, of course, it applies to lifestyle, fat loss, making money, buying a house, business…

Maybe you have used these tricks in real life already… but you see when you apply it to your golf swing technique, your golf swing will improve.

Studies have proven that results, performance and scores especially when it really matters, in competition.

Practicing and working on your golf swing technique alone will not give the best results.

You have to imagine a great golf swing, a full shoulder turn. Your best backswing. Never hitting a slice. Hitting laser irons shots, using the ground for power and speed.

Hinging the wrists perfectly… Great balance, holing putts..

Whatever your specific goal is for your golf swing and game, you must visualize it otherwise you will never fix swing faults and you will never lower your handicap consistently.

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