All being well a nice regular bunker shot that splashes out means sending your wedge down into the sand under the ball. A large patch of sand is blasted out of the trap, along with the ball, which hopefully lands safely on the green.

If done right, that’s how to play a bunker shot when you are in a greenside bunker.

When the sand is hard, however, it doesn’t really work at all… the explosion shot really isn’t an option.

A lot of the time the club will bounce off the top of the sand, and the leading edge will hit the middle of the ball. The end result is a shot that comes out low and extremely fast.

So when you are in wet sand in a greenside bunker is eliminate the regular splash shot technique as an option.

  • Use your wrist more
  • Move ball back in your stance
  • Do not open up the face
  • Rotate your chest and stay stable.

This simple tips for bunker shots out of compact sand will help you strike the sand before the ball so you avoid the club ‘bouncing’ on the sand causing the thin strike.

place a little more weight on your left side at impact and you are looking to blast it out with a square face and by taking plenty of sand.

The ball will come out with plenty of roll so try to allow for that as you work out how hard to hit the shot.

So there you have simple golf tips to play a bunker shot out of wet or compact sand… and if you want more because…

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